New Billing System
January 31, 2023
We have recently moved to a new billing system.
Passwords could not be transferred to the new system so the first time you try to access the billing system you will need to do forgot password and a secure login link will be emailed to you.
Any problems, just let us know.
Unlimited Bandwidth
November 10, 2022
Our server is now hosted in a new data centre that offers unlimited bandwidth to us, so it’s only right we pass on this perk to our customers.
Therefore, all packages now feature no bandwidth limits.
PHP 7.4 Goodbye
September 17, 2022
PHP 7.4 is now end of life and you should try and upgrade your website to work with the newer, more secure PHP versions 8.1 and 8.2. To leave your website running on PHP 7.4 is a risk as no security updates will be done now the product is end of life.
Free SSL Certificates
September 1, 2018
All packages now come with a free Domain Validated SSL Certificate as standard free of charge.
These certificates never expire as they are automatically renewed for you.
They are provided as part of the cPanel service that we use to maintain your domain and hosting package.