PHP Versions

We have removed PHP Version 5.6 from our servers earlier than expected as everyone had updated to Version 7.2 to make good use of the performance increase.

As Version 7.0 will soon be an unsupported version, this will be removed within the next few days and anyone packages that still have this configured will be moved to Version 7.2.

22nd Sept 2018
Free SSL Certificates

All packages now come with a free Domain Validated SSL Certificate as standard free of charge.  These certificates never expire as they are automatically renewed for you.  They are provided as part of the cPanel service that we use to maintain your domain and package. 

1st Sept 2018
PHP 7.2

We have just finished updating all hosting packages to PHP 7.2, this is the recommended version for Wordpress so there should be no issues.If for some reason you want to use an older version of PHP on your hosting account, you can select the version from your cPanel account.  We will keep v5.6 available until they stop providing security updates ... Read More »

7th Mar 2018
Free Disk Space Upgrade

We are pleased to announce that with immediate effect all packages have had the disk space allocation increased at no extra charge.

21st Apr 2016
UK Domain Name Price Increase

Due to a cost price increase with .UK Domain names we have had to raise our prices by £1.00.  Note this only affects .UK domain names, which include :

  • .CO.UK
  • .ME.UK
  • .ORG.UK
  • .UK

The price of these domains have gone up from £5.99 to £6.99 for both new registrations and renewals with immediate effect.

11th Mar 2016
Server Outage (Update)

The previous issue has now been fully resolved and we are pleased to report 100% uptime since the server node change.

10th Dec 2015
Server Outage

At approximately 11.55 today our datacentre identified a problem with the memory in the hypervisor, we then decided to power down the server and move it to another node.  This took around 30 minutes to complete and for this time all websites and email were offline.  The server is now back online and there has been no data loss.  The server will ... Read More »

11th Nov 2015

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